Third Party Manufacturing (Contract Manufacturing)

We also undertake third party Manufacturing (Contract Manufacturing) through the company own manufacturing units in  Baddi (Solan District) , Himachal Pradesh – India.

Third Party Manufacturing in Baddi - own units

The concept of Third Party Manufacturing is not a new term still some people needs to know it well.

The term Third Party or Contract Manufacturing is use for the process of getting the pharmaceutical products produced from some external manufacturing experts who agree to make the product with your brand name and exactly as per your specifications. This is quite common practised now a days by the popular marketing companies. Many times, those pharmaceutical companies who acquire their own units also get their products outsourced to external pharma manufacturers to meet the excess production demands or get price benefits. Even popular MNCs are also doing the same practise to get their product manufacturer from other local manufacturers. There are a list of benefits of getting it done through Contract Manufacturing. We should be knowing the benefits of third party pharma outsourcing to get the best out of it and increase our knowledge base.

The quickest way to start your own pharma business in India is to get your brand registered and focus on marketing / promotion of the products while getting the manufacturing load offloaded to the third party manufacturers.

What Contract or Third Party Manufacturing companies do?

The CMO – Contract Manufacturing Organisations sometimes we call them as CDMO –  contract development and manufacturing organisation. They offer services to external pharmaceutical and healthcare companies offering supply of desired medicines and drugs as per the demand of these companies as a contractor to them.  These companies have full expertise and are often equipped with latest machines and technology to product these medicines for any external Pharma company under the their brand names so that the manufacturing loads are shared and supply chain is maintained without any disruption due to heavy surge in the demand.

Herbo Ans -Third party manufacturing Pharma Contract Company with WHO-GMP Certified

Herbo Ans ( a division of Angiolife Healthcare) , is a fast growing healthcare Contract manufacturing pharma company with WHO-GMP certified. We undertake third party manufacturing of medicines for local as well as through out India pharma companies. We offer high quality medicines at a very economical cost make it most competitive and affordable price.

Our Experience in Manufacturing

As a star company among pharma contract producers, we have almost 20+ years of skill and involvement in wide assortment of plans, and offer contract fabricating in pharma of all measurements structures. Do you realise that we make more than 500 items for our franchisees?

Our Quality Control System in Manufacturing

We have solid and very much created Quality Control and Quality Assurance frameworks with internet checking of status of your items, in accordance with the prerequisites of corporate part pharmaceutical organizations in India and superior to anything other contending pharmaceutical contract makers in India.

Cutting edge Facility used by us for Manufacturing

We have a decent office made carefully according to Schedule M and have all essential region isolations, pneumatic force differentials and precise workplace beating many pharmaceutical contract assembling organizations in India. Simultaneously we are dynamic and have adaptability to coordinate consummately into inventory network for strong measurement structures up to full fulfillment of our client. Afterall, we are among the main 10 pharmaceutical contract makers – notwithstanding as indicated by our compettitors!

Our Own Manufacturing System

  • Best in class offices, which conform to stringent details of GMP and WHO.
  • Completely Computerized Production framework for creation with online controls and stock, Highly qualified and prepared staff for generation the board, practically identical with the best of pharmaceutical contract makers.
  • Abilities to deliver measurement shapes in sterile and general, covering every single remedial portion with the exception of little and huge volume parentrals which are in pipe line and will be introduced in a brief timeframe.
  • Detached and committed creation offices for Beta-Lactum, Cephalosporin.
  • Qualified and experienced specialized group in the zones of agreement fabricating in pharma, quality control, quality confirmation, item advancement, for all scope of items.
  • Features of Unit for Contract Manufacturing in Pharma
  • No wood or asbestos part.
  • Each zone has separate AHUs (Air Handling Units), dehumidification unit and residue extraction frameworks.
  • Isolation of each basic preparing movement in each zone, to dodge cross-pollution.
  • Particular zones, territories and even outfits set apart with explicit hues to guarantee absolute isolation.
  • Air condition adapted in every zone concerning temperature, mugginess, filtration, molecule tallies, and so on.
  • Compliance of each preparing stage with US Federal Standard 209E class of neatness; viz. 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 regarding room air changes, weight, molecule tally, stream bearing and so forth in clean zones.
  • Pair Pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) water framework/de-mineralisation plant.
  • Zero-release Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Cooled stores for crude material, pressing material and completed great.
  • Disconnected and committed creation offices for B-Lactum and Cephalosporin dose structures.
  • The pharmaceutical contract fabricating complex additionally houses its very own R&D office for in-house item improvement


We can unhesitatingly guarantee that, to the extent pharma contract producing in India goes, we are the pharmaceutical contract assembling organization of decision for gatherings searching for contract manufacturing in pharma. Being situated in the pharma center point of Baddi / Solan , we can offer you focused rates and quality practically identical to the best for pharmaceutical contract assembling organizations in India.

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